Unfolding Identity: The resource tab. #NotAlone

We wanted to leave you with some important tools from our speakers and friends. Our pivotal message with Women In Conversatio; Unfolding Identity 2020 has been knowing who you are. But knowledge alone is not enough. You must sustain that knowledge. Whether you chose to read, interact with us, hobbies or others within your community. Surround yourself with the tools you need to grow and progress.

  1. Jennifer Emedi

The link to my books:

2. Marissa Clarke

Writer, creative, explorer and descriptive storyteller.

3. Ekua PM

Meet Ekua PM, also known by her initials EPM. She is a media personality and DJ, with extensive experience in marketing, branding and social media management. She has worked with Adireé Africa Fashion Week, OkayAfrica and Global Citizen. Currently, she hosts a podcast called Afrolit, featured as Apple’s Top Black Voices, Afrolit Podcast highlights the stories of multifaceted Africans, like herself.

In her rare spare time, you can find her vlogging her favorites places to eat, sleep and dance on all social platforms. Follow her @Ekua.pm on all social platforms. Visit her website: www.ekuapm.com for stay updated.For my resource tab please link the follow items:- Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ekuapmInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ekua.pm/ Website: www.ekuapm.com– Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EkuaPM– Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ekuapm
Afrolit PodcastSocials for Podcast-Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/AfrolitPodcastFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/afrolitpodcastTwitter: https://twitter.com/afrolitpodcastInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/afrolitpodcast/

4. Jacqueline O Yeboah

Mobile car wash page: https://instagram.com/sparkleshinemobilecarwash?igshid=bt27xu1yggcg
Interior design page: https://instagram.com/joythebrand?igshid=jds0xgnun3fa
Personal page:https://instagram.com/jacqweenline?igshid=u4xy9u2yl56g

5. Martice Sutton

Website: www.marticesutton.com
Podcast:Black History Bootcamp
Books: The Universe Has Your Back 
Other: Affordable Therapy Portal www.openpathcollective.com

6. Hanifa Barnes

Hanifa Barnes helps aspiring multicultural leaders to embrace the imbalance of their stories to navigate transitions in work, well-being and winning. 

Website: www.disruptingbalance.com 

Podcast:  https://disruptingbalance.fireside.fm/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanifabarnes/ 

IG, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter: @disruptingbalance

7. Julie Young

Tide Film Festival https://www.tidefilmfestival.org

$6.99 Per Pound is a biweekly podcast https://www.699perpound.com

8. Kia Archer

Kia Archer is fashion model and entrepreneur who inspires to empower young women to be true to who they are and live purposefully. Her company, Été Papillon, provides an exquisite shopping experience as it allows her international clientele access to authentic luxury skincare and makeup. Kia is currently based in Miami as completes her Chemistry degree.
Resource tab: Été Papillon Authentic luxury skincare and makeup etepapillon.com

9. Khumo Ngwenya

Entrepreneur, Angel mom & Creative

My YouTube : Big Bad Beauty 
My Instagram: @khumongwenya https://instagram.com/khumongwenya?igshid=1r7dmy30cvjfx
IGTV : #DealingWithTheTruth 

10. Kyrah Arthur

YouTube Channel focuses on lifestyle, beauty and business! A lot of digital strategy and social media marketing content regarding my company, KYZEN Social will begin to be housed here. Here are the links: www.youtube.com/c/kyrahbrianna

11. Joy Berry

Christian, radio host, creative and realtor.

12. Tamara Sykes

Please use the following link:

13. Forgotten Magic

Women In Conversation; Unfolding Identity 2020 playlist:


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