Celebrate Women: Commit to walk

Days are going by quicker and quicker. Whilst all the dreams and goals I set out are still stuck on the wall. Balance has gone right out the door. This is a priority fest. What’s urgent is what gets done.

Yet trust me, this is no way for one to live life. My friend Aisha once asked how women are handling the different facets of their life all at once. It was incredible to see most people say they are not or they are flailing too.

At 22, I study and work full time. I have the dreams of my future knocking at my feet only for me to say sorry I have a test or work tomorrow. I’ve found myself more times than none feeling horrible whilst studying or working outside of my non-profit. But we are living in an age where money begets life.

This is not an easy struggle to admit whilst having to continue living within it.

I hope this phase passes, passion never dies and the strength of a woman never drains away.

I’ve got the spirit of a girl, within the body of a lady on the edge of becoming a woman. Forgotten Magic was born out of the need for girls to see the ladies they are becoming and the women they can be. An all-inspiring force of nature. Not because someone said so. Your life will not be at the tongue of another but at your own will, dream and action.

The truth is growing up is the commitment to walk. We won’t be able to crawl and make it by slim chances all the time. Struggles will come and go. Happiness won’t last but niether will sadness. I have a 1 year old baby cousin and she refuses to walk. She cries, fuss and brings the house down when anyone doesn’t carry her. But this past weekend with everyone walking around, busy making preparations for the day. She found herself trying to catch up. She found herself lost in the midst of older cousins who could walk and children who were ready to go. She had enough, fussed until she stood up and took a few steps then down she came.

The point isn’t that she came back down. I don’t know what she was thinking. But I bet she took a look up at the world and thought if I don’t commit to walk, I will be left looking up at the world for the rest of my life. Maybe you are strong today. Maybe the weekend has been the greatest adventure for you. But bad days shine like the sun in the same way good days shine the the sun.

I was conflicted as to what I wanted the first #CelebrateWomen to be about. But In truth it’s about all of us. Perhaps you don’t resonate with my words but maybe your sister does or mother, friend or stranger.

Celebrate women means being aware of yourself and of others. Celebrations are never a solo project. In your weakness you can be strong and in your strength you can relay courage too.

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