“Oh What To Wear?”

Oh, what to wear???

I know that I know that I know that I’m not alone with this whole thing, and if I am, then wow, I need help. But Ill pretend I’m right, that we’ve all fallen into the trap. The whole wanting to look like a varsity student because it’s a new chapter. So “new year new me” right?

So, we dive headfirst into the current trends and try to pull them off even if we’re forcing the issue at least we fit in, right? There’s so many fads and things that come and go that its kind of hard not to get swept up in it all, whether you’re doing it consciously or not. It just happens sometimes.

I get it, being on trend is a total vibe. But if at the end of the day you’re going to do it just because its easy and looks good, although that’s not always the case but we’ll get to that in a minute… If we’re willing to overlook our comfort zones and whatever else to fit in a “box”, then who are we really. Will we ever know? Or will we find out 10 years from now when we’ve decided or come to the realisation, that you know, people’s opinions or fitting in doesn’t matter all that much.

We know it, we see it happen but for some reason we choose to forget the fundamental thing about trends, they come and go. We get so invested when it’s been a trap honey, it’s all a trap. But it feels good to fit in, to look like everybody else, or does it?


If we were to stop and stare into the distance, put our thinking caps on and think about it, its almost like we’re letting our true selves, the “you” that you are in your room by yourself, get hidden away when that is your individuality and it should be expressed in everything. I mean that’s how you know what type of music you like to listen to, its how you have the friends you have, its who you are, so let it show through you present yourself. For example, you will not see me ANYWHERE in neon anything, not that there’s anything wrong with it but its just not me. Then I have a friend that looks at boyfriend jeans in wonder, she doesn’t understand why someone would want to wear them whereas I love them and if I could be gifted them in every colour and texture Id be as happy as a hungry baby finally getting their food lol (that was a hint for anyone that loves me lol).

The point is we all have preferences and choices and things that make us different from the next person, in every aspect and I think that by choosing to ignore all of that to fit in or because everybody’s doing it is you short changing yourself. I mean, wear your socks and sandals, if that’s you girl, go forth and conquer lol.

I feel like university is that stage in your life where you’re meant to discover who you are, its where you’re allowed to mess up again and again without it necessarily hurting your future, unless you’re gonna go all out with messing things up then I mean, I don’t know how to help lol, but I do know a good doctor?

Anyway, I truly feel like this is an opportunity to wear you. Wear what you think looks good, and if you think that wearing everything the magazines say is in, then that’s ok, but as long the reason you’re doing it is because you actually like those clothes and not because you want to be liked or whatever then do you booboo and the same goes for things that aren’t necessarily on trend but you want to do because your friends are doing. They’re not you and you aren’t them, so don’t pretend because at the end of the day you’re fooling no one.

-Shekinah K.

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