Girl You Thought!

Hey, it’s me again

So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind after reading the title? For me its perception. So, let’s sit on that, for today. I want to focus on the perception of you and how it’s molded as you enter college. The perception of you as per all the people around you, as well as your opinion of you. This sounds heavy, but your girl is going to try and make you smile at least twice, no promises though…

For a lot of people, (I’m not included in this “peoples.” Sadly) high school was or is their definition of prime time, glory days, “living their best life”. They were popular, or maybe they were just known, whether for a good reason or the complete opposite. However, it was, they had status. In South Africa this isn’t as deep, and it doesn’t play a huge role as something that is part of a person’s character or persona, not like it is or is perceived to be in America and elsewhere. I for one am glad about that. Although i must admit High school is still an influence.

I had friends, the smart kids, now they, they were the go-to kids for help with assignments and school work in general, that’s if they were kind enough to help you.

Side bar: To the geniuses, please help us out lol. We’re in this together man.

Anyway, those smart kids weren’t particularly popular, not in the sense that seemingly mattered- socially.

Then you had the kids that were actually popular, those social butterfly’s that knew literally everyone (if you were one of them, please, I’ve always wondered, how did you do it??) The girls (and guys) that everyone liked or had something to say about. They just had something about them, whether it was their looks or just who they were, there was something stand outish about them. If you were both popular and smart then hey presto, you my friend are the actual jackpot walking among us lol.

And finally there were the me’s. I’ll call us floaters, we either knew “cool kids” and were maybe friends with them or just hung there like those ornaments at the back of the Christmas tree, there to fill up the empty gaps but not on display.

Ok that sounded much harsher than it is, wow, but you get me. Of course, there are probably 710 categories of people that can be thought of but eh, I’m focusing on these…

The point I’m trying to make is that however you were perceived in high school, 9 times out of 10, that changes completely.

It seems like the “floaters” have it the easiest, hol’ up, Im not being biased, Ill explain. We or I had no preconceived notion of how I expected to be received, I just went in, so I didn’t necessarily have anywhere to “fall” from. So it’s the simplest adjustment, in that sense.

And the popular kids? For some weird reason, they’re hardly popular anymore. This is all from what I’ve seen by the way. Its like because they were the “IT” kids (no, not the clown). Or had their high-school persona in minds when they went into varsity.

However, lo and behold, College is full of “IT” kids so what is one compared to the thousands. Suddenly, you’re just one of the nameless faces. There are many outliers that stay shining, kudos to you lol… but for the rest of the mere mortals, that period is over… for university anyway.

Now the smart kids, they’re some wanted species, I want to be your friend because if those group assignments (from hell) have taught me anything, its that you need people with a whole lot of brain activity on your side lol.

A total switch up.

At the end of the day, you have to have a firm opinion on who you know yourself to be, because letting what others feel about about you dictate how you feel about yourself is a plan bound to fail.

People’s opinions change in an instant, feelings are fickle, rumours fly and your reputation is shot out the window. People’s opinions are not something to base your opinion of you on. Know who are and believe it. Always, and college won’t be so “damaging”

Shekinah K.

PS: look at me being all motivational lol.. I tried

PPS: Did you smile??

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