Introducing College: On the Real

When we were kids we were all rushing towards being “big”, we played house, drove toy cars, pretended to be doctors and policemen… all the “exciting jobs.”

As time passed, we grew up. Our focus became the part about actually being “big”, becoming a grown up…. boobies…. and college. College- it’s the part of our lives where we get to live out our dreams or start putting the building blocks in place. We get to experiment, grow up, maybe find our one true love (I’ll tell you for nothing that that last part is complete bogus, I’m at a loss lol). For some of us, it’s an escape plan. College = you moving away and being completely free from your parents, and other prying eyes, while for others its just an exciting place to be. You get to meet new people and try new things in a totally different environment, all in one go, a beautiful combination…or is it?

For starters, movies ruin us. From such a young age, Hollywood has done us dirty. Our expectations are on cloud nine and Grownish, however great it is (it’s so great, gosh!!!), isn’t always my realistic view. Life unfortunately doesn’t go from one episode to another.

Then there’s the books and magazines, and since I love to read, I fell prey, sadly. For one thing a lot of the magazines centred around looking the part in college, which is important, however, I don’t know about you but I don’t have enough clothes. Others beg to differ (my mom in particular) but that’s their business.

To be able to dress like how the magazines suggest is way beyond me and allllllllll my friends. “

It’s heart-breaking but true, which is why, sometimes we’ll wear the same t-shirt twice in a month, scary stuff I know ( my terrible attempt at a joke, please, just laugh).

During all that chaos, we have our dear friends andfamily that feed us information left and right about everything and anything to do with college, which is great and appreciated but sometimes, most of the time, the problem is with us-Okay me. I would listen to the stories, good and bad with a star glazed look and feeling, knowing that its all non-fiction but then still having a tiny amount of doubt that there could possibly be a significant amount of exaggeration. And you know what they say, one potato ruins the whole bag, and that’s that, just that one tiny speck of doubt ruined it all.

Oh, and of course lets not forget our beloved high school teachers who let us know vigorously that in varsity there would be no such thing as homework and you’d have no one hovering over your shoulder telling you to study or hand in this assignment…which I find subjective to your school and what you’re studying, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, we’re fed all sorts of information that could really cause confusion. So what’s the reality?

Well that’s what I’m going to attempt to unpack for you. Please, I said “attempt”, don’t come fight me later, no warranties or guarantees here…

There’s honestly so much stuff for me to go on and on about but who’s bum can sit for that long all in one go?? So, it’ll be coming to you in doses, just like the doctor ordered.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

-Shekinah K.

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