Women In Conversation

#WomenInConversation RECAP

There is a need for women to be exposed to opportunities and platforms of inclusions, conversations and empowerment. #WomenInConversationLex is the beginning of such an initiative. We were able to curate a free event which allowed women from different parts of Lexington to engage with one another and discuss topics in the hopes of spreading ideas throughout our circles or communities.

“Why did I, a 21-year-old student who should be studying for her finals, choose to spend her Saturday in a room full of women? I could be sleeping, but the exceptional impact of a community is in a room full of women. The narrative-breakers and history makers are the forgotten magic we sometimes call mama, sister or friend. Motivated by strength and grace of all the women I’ve encountered, this room full of women was imperative. Even more so, women in conversation is a platform curated to bring women together using educational and community events. And the moment I realized that I was a woman, that I am Magic, Forgotten Magic began.” -Cecilia W’emedi, Founder of Forgotten Magic.

Forgotten Magic presents; Women In Conversation Lexington. Our theme was “Encourage + Courage.” What is courage? How can we see the face of encouragement and practice it? When and how do we begin the journey towards a dream? 

Encourage + courage’ is the ability for women to be courageous beyond just words. It is important for women to begin to plant a seed of courage in our communities and future. Courage only began to bloom when I took advantage of opportunities that presented themselves. At Women In Conversation, we discussed a series of questions relating to identity, improving yourself and others and defining courage in it’s many faces. 

“When Cecilia invited me to WIC, I didn’t think I’d have much to offer as an older woman to a younger age group. “What programs could we initiate to improve the way women see themselves?” During the 80’s we didn’t think of programs, empowerment or initiatives that could benefit others. As you grow older you learn about your self. I know me very well but this has got me thinking about others- other women. I think Women In Conversation is a start.” – Cynthia Moses

Women In Conversation meant that the women were able to engage in conversation and listen to someone with different views, suggestions or ideologies but besides this, the point of this event as the name would suggest is conversations. Women In Conversation is not only about being spoken to by the panel but it also created enough opportunities for the women to share amongst themselves. The key aspects of this day was listening, speaking, reflecting and taking everything you heard and sharing it with the world around you.

“As Ellen and I spoke from different backgrounds of black and white, we slowly saw common traits despite the differences we are expected to have. In this conversation, we have in our own way, healed a little piece of the world.” -Porscha Coney

The food, prepared by Francise Mulumba, was deliciously paired with real statements and expressions. Each woman who occupied a seat at the table brought forth their own personality and character. No one was out of reach. 

“Women are fake. Sometimes the empowerment isn’t genuine. We need to be real with one another out of genuine courtesy. If you aren’t in the position and if you don’t have the will/passion then don’t do it. We only hurt ourselves when we fake it out.”-Gentille

The panel was made up of Sarah Caton-blogger, photographer, brand strategist and author; Priyanka Patel– beauty and lifestyle blogger, Porscha Coney– wife, mother, blogger and interior designer. These leading ladies shared their reality in facing courage and encouragement but also emphasized on celebrating, learning and how they tackle life as it comes. 

“Blogging truly give me the confidence to express myself and take care of myself. Whenever I am down or disappointed I think of the reason why I started. As a beauty blogger I wanted every women to appreciate herself without comparison and I too learnt to truly love myself.” Priyanka Patel.

We’re breaking the perfection myth and looking at life for what it is. Some days are good and others aren’t so great. Yet we chose a perspective to direct our day to day life. Whether the glass is half full or half empty, Women In Conversation is an encouragement to start implementing life in the direction of your dreams. “If you want to do something you have to declare it.”- Porscha Coney

This room full of women was a gem. A bank of knowledge that was ready to loan their thoughts, advice and ideas to one another. This effort is imperative. We do not always have all together. 

“We need to realize when to ask for help. We need to understand the value of what we have. Don’t simply throw away what you’ve spent time building. There are big successes in life such as long term goals, but there are tears of success. Recognize them and be encourage that you are still moving forward. “- Sarah Caton.

We’re very thankful to everyone involved in the planning of Women In Conversation Lexington. Special thanks to The Parachute Factory for allowing us to use their space. Thank you to David Miller for the images, Francise Mulumba for the catering and our Panelists for the engaging conversation. And of course, the Forgotten Magic team– Gentille, Carmel, Jacqueline, Zanele and Cecilia, this would not be possible without you.

Our stories unite us to grow and glow!

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