What #Her2018 taught me

#Her2018 is our campaign to celebrate every woman’s passion, purpose and potential. We are raising the crowns of the women across the world. Write the good and bad, the lessons you learnt and the mistakes you made. Take all the new year’s resolutions that you didn’t do. Present them to 2018, challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

PRAY, PLAN & EXECUTE. This is #Her2018
Manifest that the trials of the past year will not hinder your success for the year to come. But will nudge you in the right direction.

Don’t just talk about it,
LET’S BE ABOUT IT. Self-discipline, or rather the lack of it, is pointed out in first few episodes and throughout Grown-ish. Self-discipline is a reality we often face, sometimes lacking in our own lives. Peer pressure, social construct or standards, call it what you’d like. But there is a moment where the will and seemingly better success of others overrides our reasoning which causes us to lose our self-discipline and character.

After watching the premiere of Grown-ish was on Free Form. It was exciting, relative and held important messages which stuck out to me. The show included different women trying to navigate the world and touched on the global community of women. I strongly believe that the global community of women is a pivotal aspect of the future. [The future is female.]

“There you go. Just worrying about what I’m doing…
…Figure your own sh** out.” -Luca

This phrase simply translates to the BUILDING of YOUR OWN CHARACTER. The biggest takeaway is knowing who you are but most importantly knowing why you are who you are. Building a strong character not just for college but for life. Our character shapes the decisions we make and the visions we build.

These characters must be self-reflective and honest. Comparison cannot be the looking-glass we use to determine our vision. Comparison creates lack of patience and pushes us to ignore the order of our own life. The order of your life is not the same as another. YOUR TIME IS YOUR OWN.

For example, you cannot jump from the first day of school to the getting a degree with the click of a finger. There are steps involved. And you may be on step one, two or three. Learn from every step, the position and importance of that step. Every opportunity is an impeccable teacher. Climb the ladder to your vision at your own pace. Comparison, rushing time and using someone else’s life to validate the order of mine are mistakes I am learning to unlearn, not just for the new year, but for my sanity.

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