Mothers & Daughters.


“Her children arise and call her blessed”- Proverbs 31:30

An unbreakable bond first starts between a mother and her child. Under the influence of a queen, a princess discovers that she is infact a queen in the making.

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A mother is a nurturer, a lover, a teacher, she cares for you when you are sick, a helper, number one supporter, and friend. A mother is one that will never leave your side. In honor of mother’s day today we celebrate the bond between a mothers and their daughters.

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Meet Allison George (37) and her lovely daughter Grace George (10) from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Allison describes her daughter as squishy and Grace describes her mother as amazing. A mother guides you and leaves you with words of wisdom in Allison’s case the words of wisdom she received from her mother were:

#1 “Make sure your hair always looks good before leaving the house.”

You never know who you’re going to meet so you always want to be at your best. Even if you meet nobody, do it for you!

#2 “Always wear a smile especially during tough and difficult times.”

The world doesn’t always have to see your pain. You aren’t a product of your circumstances. You are blessed to be alive so show us that smile regardless of the storm.

#3 “You don’t need money to be happy.”

Money is a man made product. We place too much weight and hold it at such high regard within society that it can easily be our downfall. Although money is a necessity, it should not be a source of happiness. Happiness comes from within.

And when we become mothers ourselves we learn from our young queens too.

Grace taught Allison
#1 “To love unconditionally.”
My Grace can be very clumsy at times and often take a deep breath and shout Grace. She will then just want to hold me and look at my face. To be totally free and not care what other people think.

#2 “She is such a free spirit and is going to fly.”
She can’t keep a secret. She already shared with me what I will be getting for mother’s day and now I have to act completely surprised when my husband and son present the gift to me… “what am I going to do with this girl hahaha”

The gift of motherhood comes with such responsibility but also with great joy.

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Meet Lihle Khumalo a 21 year old student & her mother Louisa Mmapheko Khumalo (45) from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Louisa describes her daughter as “meticulous” and Lihle describes her mom as “particular.” Attention to detail is something that runs in the family. There are beautiful traits which you will get from your mom and she will discover endless lessons through you.

Louisa expresses that she learnt Communication, Commitment & Forecasting from her daughter.

Lihles lessons from her mom are;
the value of church,
to always perform any given task at the best of my ability regardless of whether there’s a reward or not
and to finish whatever I start.

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Finally meet Jacqueline (25) a student and her mother Leticia (61) from London, United Kingdom. One word Jacqueline would use to describe her mum is “resilient.” One word Leticia would use to describe Jacqueline is “caring.”
Learning from a mother is a privilege and never ending.

Three lessons Jacqueline learnt from her mum are:

#1 “Never give up”
Curve balls are a part of life. My mother taught me that no matter the obstacle with God on your side, you have ALREADY overcome!

#2. “Stay close to God”
Your foundation should be in Christ alone. There are times when men will let you down and even times when I will let you down but God will never let you down. Let your foundation be in he who will never let you down and see how life goes.

#3. Work hard
She always stresses the importance of hard work. Nothing is going to get handed to you. Work hard at whatever you’re doing and at whatever you want.

And three lessons Leticia learnt from her mother

#1. Independence #2. Working hard #3. Identity
Through their relationship she found herself, she found who God created her to be a beautiful beginning.

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Women are powerful and we learn so much from one another regardless of age. Mother’s Day is not only the celebration of the beauty of our mothers but also the dynamic relationship between a mother and her daughter.
You nurture us
You teach us
You love us
And direct us on this beautiful journey we call life

Thank you is not enough.
Happy Mother’s Day.

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