The Business of Business series x Zaygay

The Business of Business series is a look at an emerging intrepid group of women. These women are working in divergent industries from around the world. And are creating a space for themselves in their respective industries to strive, grow & glow. They are ardent beacons in the fight for women empowerment & equality.
We conversated with the incredible owner of a prominent production company in located in Nigeria.

Zaygay Elebuwa is the owner of Ngu Studios Limited, located in Lagos, Nigeria.

What do you think the phrase ‘The Business of Business’ means?
“I think the phrase ‘The Business of Business’ refers to the collective activity that goes into running an actual business.”

What is the reason, aim or goal behind your business?
“Our objectives are; content development, screenwriting, production for radio, television and film, media and advertising. And to always put out outstanding and inspiring content.”

What motivated you to go into this industry?
“I think it’s more of passion than motivation that’s brought me here – I’m passionate about what I do and churning out great work all the time – I’m passionate about seeing the industry grow even bigger and better in standards and practice and I guess that’s a motivation to being one/part of the change agents in the industry.”

Who was your biggest inspiration and/or help in getting you to where you are?
“God is my biggest inspiration, and after Him, my Dad.”

What is your biggest struggle in the industry?
“The biggest struggle I have encountered so far as a business person is funding – it can be tough sometimes to get funds for very important projects. As a woman doing business, it is the struggle with having some people of the opposite sex refuse to take direction from you – especially when you are clearly in charge, some men think its emasculating and so they try to frustrate you and the project.”

How do you achieve work-life balance?
“Timing. Timing is how I try to achieve a perfect work-life balance.”

“The sky’s the starting point – expect the best from me and Ngu Studios Limited.”

What is social media/technology’s role in your business?
“Not a lot right now I’m afraid – but it is a major focal point as we expand the business – I think one of the major pros of social media is that it is one the cheapest and fastest ways of getting the word out to the world about your brand/product or service. And as regards the cons, I think social media can ruin you or your business in the same instant it takes to make you.
Technology? Where will we all be without it? Possibly still be in some cave using carrier pigeons for airmail – technology makes life and business transactions easier, better, more efficient, quicker, it creates job opportunities, I can’t hype it enough – I’m definitely pro-technology – in certain instances – and as far as the cons go, the only thing that comes to mind right now is that it has the ability to make one lazy.”

What is your perception or definition of fame?
“I think fame is the state, or quality of being widely recognized or honored for your work.”
What is your perception or definition of success?
“To me, I think success is the state of being prosperous at whatever you do.”

What have you learned about entrepreneurship, leadership and the 21st century as a progressive female?
“As a progressive female entrepreneur, I’ve learned a lot. I have learned that being an entrepreneur requires a ton of work, humility and determination – and I think the world is big enough and ready for more female entrepreneurs in a plethora of fields – the information is out there – young women need to equip themselves, grab opportunities, learn, grow – achieve – succeed.”
Are there many collaborations or events that occur in your industry to unite women?
“For women specifically? None that I’m aware of at the moment.”
What advice can you give to young women looking to go into your industry or business in general?
“I’m going to advice that they get thick skinned and work really hard.”
What are your greatest achievements?
“Hmmm…I’m still on it.”
Who is your industry role model & why?
“My Dad Enebeli Elebuwa was and still is one of my role models – the others are Shonda Rhimes, Ekta Kapoor and Mo Abudu – because I think they are a beacon for other women in the industry worldwide – and they are steadily breaking new grounds and barriers.”

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