The Process to Bloom.


is a collaborative Christian segment. We asked 4 women to speak on their process to becoming the women God made them to be.

There is a big battle to remain authentic in the world. And we often lose focus of Christ in order to remain authentic according to the world’s standards.

How do we live a life that puts Christ before the hashtags, filters or brunch?
What is that process like?

Bloom= becoming the woman God made me to be.

The Process to bloom is continuous. Because Christ is forever working in me. The ‘glow up’ that the world seeks does not determine my progress.

The world often focuses on the ‘glow up’ & requires a comparison to see the growth or bloom in an individual. Yet God sees our hearts regardless of the state we are in. Our purpose is found in Christ. And we are called to use our gifts to bring Him glory.
The Process To Bloom are the testimonies of women who are unashamed of the gospel.

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