Highlights: Self-Care Saturday x Madeline.

Self-care Saturday is an Instagram story takeover segment.
As part of our #Her2018 campaign which celebrates every woman’s passion, purpose and potential.

Madeline Pena @madelinejpena took over our insta-stories last Saturday.
Madeline is a Storyteller whether it’s during her 9-5 job as the Director of Communications at the American Heart Association, or on her blog – The Loop Lyfe. She was born in Guatemala, raised in Louisiana and now lives in Houston with her 6 year-old pup Rocky! Her mission in life is to cultivate the right kind of friendships/relationships that will lead to a more meaningful life! Madeline believes that we must love ourselves in order to show others how to love us. Remember, “Always be Authentic but Selectively Vulnerable.

We have compiled her takeover into highlights. This is a chance to encourage each other on how we invest in ourselves; mind, body and soul.


Part of self-care is really taking care of your body & mind. One of the gifts I gave myself was joining a gym. I joined a gym called Cashe Fit @cashefit. Everyweek the workout kicks my butt. But it’s worth taking care of my body. And I love it afterwards.


After a great workout, we’ve got to feed that body, and get some nutrition. I usually head over to Barnabys’ to meet up with some friends and carbo load!

Bacon is self-love.


Saturday’s are my journal days. I like to reflect on everything that happened throughout the week. The things I got done, those that I didn’t really get to & how I felt throughout the week. It is a great way to analyze yourself and where you are.

Set the mood for your journaling. Music, or anything that helps you relax into your writing.


I’m a big believer in vision boards and creating a vision for one’s self. ‘Investment‘ ‘Travel

I am stronger.’ -Words from my visionboard.

Take the action to smile:

Enjoy the day! Take action, take time for yourself. Do things that make you smile, laugh and love. This means taking Rocky out for a walk, because he makes me smile.

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Let’s keep the conversation going, keep lifting each other up & keep empowering each other.

You will learn a lot from yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of biggness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery and be a worrior for life.” – ‘Brave Enough’ by Cheryl Strayed.

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