5 Self-Care Need-To-Know

This week Self-care Saturday is all about YOU!

As lovely as it would be to constantly have a rotating number of women share their self-care routine, we need to remember why we started.

We started Self-Care Saturday with the intention of inspiring women to be more self aware & take care of themselves.

But often times self-care turns into a lifeless routine or a publicity stunt. Thus here are short 5NTK’s we keep dear to heart when it comes to Self-Care.


1. Become more self-aware in order to better enhance self-care. The more you know about yourself & your surroundings the better equipped you’ll be at taking care of yourself.

2. Everything doesn’t work for everyone. Don’t be discouraged when a certain self-care routine doesn’t work for you. Be encouraged to find your own niche.


3. Don’t give up, keep trying.
It’s very easy to give up and give in. Be encouraged, encourage yourself & others around you.

4. Self care is not restricted to a specific day. There’s no set prescription for how or when to do it. Whether you’re on self-care Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Friday. It doesn’t matter what day you choose. What matters is what you do with your chosen day.

5. Healthy changes that improve your mental & physical health. Self care is not a trend. It is crucial. Self-care is an intricate part of mental health, the foundation for confidence, a vessel for emotional unpacking and sanity.

What is your self-care routine?

Go head!

Shower yourself with love.

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