Self-Care Saturday x Karen.


Self-care Saturday is an Instagram story takeover segment.
As part of our #Her2018 campaign which celebrates every woman’s passion, purpose and potential.
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This is a chance to encourage each other on how we invest in ourselves; mind, body and soul.
Self care is not a trend. It is crucial. Self-care is an intricate part of mental health, the foundation for confidence, a vessel for emotional unpacking and sanity.
The next phenomenal woman to join this segment is Karen Safo @theblackvoyager .

Karen, a training Barrister, Blogger and Activist is the Founder of the Black Voyager. As a Black solo female traveler, her main focus is promoting diversity in the travel industry, by showcasing eclectic cultural stories that are undocumented and less prominent in generic travel articles/blogs. This is then intertwined with experiential resources on the benefits of sustainable travel and ethical fashion. With this then, The Black Voyager acts as a virtual passage into being unapologetically yourself in spaces that many women of color have not seen themselves in.

Self Care Saturday’s objective is to demonstrate the significance of care behind the trend that self care has become. Forgotten Magic aims to educate women on the different ways we can take care of ourselves and bring awareness to what we feed ourselves. There are relatable circumstances which we face. Whether it be image, emotions or habits. There are options and ways to take care of your body, mind and soul to prevent detrimental actions. #YouAreNotAloneSis

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