Self-Care Saturday X Unicorn in Brookyn.

Forgotten Magic

Self-Care Saturday: Instagram story takeover.

Self-care Saturday is an Instagram story takeover segment.
As part of our #Her2018 campaign which celebrates every woman’s passion, purpose and potential.
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The first phenomenal woman to kick off this segment is Marissa Clarke @unicorninbk.Marissa Clarke is an ambivert, straight-no-chaser, adventurous Queens, New York native and principal writer for lifestyle blog, Unicorn in Brooklyn. Unicorn in Brooklyn (or UIB) is a blog centered around life in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn from the perspective (a 30-something year old animated, sarcastic, creative, and single (AF) Black woman). On UIB you can expect to laugh, be inspired, and find motivation as you read weekly posts about dating debacles, romantic relationships, love, sex, traveling, mental health, self-care, and more!”

This is a chance to encourage each other on how we invest in ourselves; mind, body and soul.
Self care is not a trend. It is crucial. Self-care is an intricate part of mental health, the foundation for confidence, a vessel for emotional unpacking and sanity.

Here are the highlights from Marissa’s takeover on our #SelfcareSaturday segment:


Mask #1 – Apple Cider Vinegar + Bentonite clay

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) + Bentonite Clay are a POWERHOUSE when combined! This mixture literally removes toxins and blackheads from your skin (especially your nose) and thoroughly shrinks & clears out your pores! To read more about the benefits and a recipe on how to make it click here: .

Bentonite Clay: I use this brand:

ACV: I like Bragg’s Organic ACV, but you can purchase just about any other organic brand:

[You’ll need a (non-metallic) teaspoon & a small Tupperware container.]
• 1 heaping teaspoon of the bentonite clay.
• 3 – 4 cap fulls of apple cider vinegar.
• mix together in container.
•Apply mixture to face evenly, avoiding eyes, hair, eyebrows & lips.
•dry mask for a full 20/30 mins until it’s darker & starts peeling.
•Peel off the hard parts completely as well as what can easily come off.
•Wash the rest off with warm water & a washcloth.

//Follow up with

Mask #2 -Honey mask

To follow up, (after rinsing the mask off), I literally put honey on my face for about 20 – 30 minutes. WHY? Because honey is SOOOOOO good for your skin! “Raw honey was prized for its healing properties in ancient civilizations. In Egyptian And Ayurvedic traditions, honey was used to treat skin wounds and disorders”. Read more about it here à

[Make sure to use pure honey.]

•Pour onto your freshly washed face (from the first mask.)
•Try to avoid eyes & mouth like before.
•Using the same wash cloth from previous mask wash off the honey with relatively cool water. In order to close your pores.

• Use your regular creamy cleaner and rinse with cool water. Finally, apply your regular moisturizer to your freshly washed face.

All ingredients + Favs Image below.

B. To promote my personal self-care I meditate.

Daily Guided Meditation.
•We constantly interact with a lot of toxic energy + influences. Meditation is a way to deflect those influences.
•Apps such as Insight Timer. (Body Scan relaxation is great for newbies.)
See (specifically, under the subheading “Self-Care”) for more in depth information on meditation.
•Wake up earlier (about 30 mins) that you normally do for work/school, find a comfortable position, breathe & listen to the instructions through headphones.

The first few times I was unsuccessful but as I carried on I began to see the changes in my life. Not only myself, but my family and friends saw the impact meditation had on my life. Guided meditation fortified my body. It taught me how to relax when being in the moment and not allow outside influences to get to me. Guided meditation has shown me that I can keep peace inside, regardless of what is going on around me, I can my actions.

C. Self-Care is extended in the love for my community. They are a part of me & I of them. Brooklyn’s neighborhood, art & people. The sense of community, art & it’s safe.

Images from Brooklyn.

D. Conclusion.
You’re a wild once. Don’t let them tame you.”- Isadora Duncan

Regularly engaging in my weekly regimens to maintain my self care is how I stay wild, centered and focused.
It’s how I keep my magic.

Stay Wild.
Unicorn in Brooklyn.

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