Grown-ish lessons.

The premiere of Grown-ish was last night on Free Form. It was exciting, relative and held important messages which stuck out to me.

The show included different women trying to navigate the world and touched on the global community of women. I strongly believe that the global community of women is a pivotal aspect of the future. [The future is female.]

Self discipline, or rather the lack of it, is pointed out in the show. Self discipline is a reality we often face, sometimes lacking in our own lives. Peer pressure, social construct or standards, call it what you’d like. But there is a moment where the will and seemingly better success of others overrides our reasoning which causes us to lose our self discipline and character.

There you go. Just worrying about what I’m doing…

…Figure your own shit out.” -Luca

This phrase simply translate to the BUILDING of YOUR CHARACTER. The biggest takeaway i received from Grown-ish is knowing who you are but most importantly knowing why you are who you are. Building a strong character not just for college but for life. Our character shapes the decisions we make and the visions we build.

Please note that this is in no way a review of Grown-ish, which I highly recommend. This is an indication that one can learn from everything & anything in life.

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