Growth & Glow.

#Her2018 is here!

One of the words I used to #Define2018 is Growth.
I truly believe in the importance of growth in every situation and circumstance.

By taking the opportunity to learn from what is around you, your position, fear & experiences. You’re choosing to grow through it all. Growth will always bring forth change, but it is up to you to determine how you will use your growth to impact that change.

Glow isn’t simply looking great. Growth brings forth a glow that embody’s confidence, security & radiance.
The glow of falling and getting back up.
The glow of using your mistakes & mishaps as a learning curve.
The Glow of allowing yourself to look Great & Feel even better.

Growth & Glow.

#Define2018 What are 5 words that WILL be defining your 2018?

LOVE(to give love, to have love & be immersed in love.)
FEMALE (because I truly believe in us.)

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