Honor the order of your life.

Constantly looking at the life of someone else to validate your own.
Comparison creates lack of patience which ultimately makes you ignore the order of your own life.

The order of your life is not the same as someone else’s, there may be similarities but it is not the same. Take Life one step at a time.

Time is a major factor in comparison & in the order of one’s life.

For example, you can not jump from the first day of school to the getting a degree by the click of a finger.

There are steps involved and you are on step one. Learn from every step, the position and importance of that step.

Every circumstances and opportunity ultimately teach you something. The start and finish are not the teachers of life, the journey is.

Take each day as it comes,

Climb the ladder to your success at your own pace.

Comparison, rushing time and using someone else’s life to validate the order of mine.

These are mistakes I am learning to unlearn, not just for the new year, but for my sanity. I want to look at my life and be content with the position I am in, yet patient for the next step but excited for the journey altogether.

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