BEING SHE x Evelyn

BEING SHE x Evelyn. Written by Evelyn.

Being She
She who?
She, W O M A N

I like to think being She is a presence of my soul. How this thing that is neither tainted nor bruised finds its way past my suffering. How deep in the corners of pain, longing, and doubt, I, the soul still stands.

My woman-ness the very evidence of HER existence.
To be me,
to be,

This being, covered in layers of forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and wisdom. This woman, covered in light, radiant glowing light exposed to my own suffering. Embracing my humanity, the faults, ignorance, and privilege.

That SHE, is a reflection of the Beloved, held by the great forces of wisdom and knowing.

Being She is wonder, the beauty of sacrifice in tethered waters, patience in dry rivers but, harvest. Harvest to faithfulness. It is magical, it is excruciatingly magical, deeply wrapped in love. Divine love making way for essence within.

Being She.

The roller-coaster, the straight road, the narrow path, mountains to climb, and oceans to sail.

Being She, breathing life from life, into life. Taking nothing lightly but everything simply. The understanding, awareness, alertness that is given, that She must give back in return. That, that is the price of freedom, her liberation.

To speak life, to give life, and be life. In all its vastness that is the definition of being,


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