Being she is being a Shero. As women, we are the makers of everything. It is through a woman that life can be established. That’s powerful! To whom much is given, much is expected. Women are upheld to higher standards than men and their responsibilities are plentiful. We feed this planet, we nourish this planet, we sustain this planet.

We are Sheroes.

In spite of this power we hold, we are also the least respected, taken for granted daily. Our strength can be reduced down to being a bitch. Our caregiver spirit can be reduced to being “too emotional”. Our awareness of everyone and everything can be reduced to being controlling. The length of our skirts can be reduced to “asking for it”. These are the struggles of being a woman. Yet, we persevere. We are strong enough to bear children and we are strong enough to let society’s negative perceptions toward us bounce off. Leadership is not an option; it’s required as a woman.

We are Sheroes.

The life I lead is centered around a strong faith and mindset. I have an aggressive work habit with unlimited patience for results. My resilience has welcomed the most amazing life experiences – wonderful friends and family, unforgettable travel, inspiring business ventures and more. This falls on the fact that the only person I live for is God. I seek for His approval; not a human’s approval. God has set forth a plan for me that I must fulfill. I live every day to the fullest because I understand that this moment I’m living is just a moment – eternity awaits me after my stint here. I want to live blissfully in eternity and those blessings are established here on Earth. I live to love and inspire others to live out their wildest dreams. Fulfilling your dreams takes work and I love to help equip people with successful tools to achieve that. Being a leader comes with sleepless nights and often giving more than receiving. I’m okay with that.

I am a Shero.

Karen Okonkwo

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