Being She x Jacqueline

An Ode to She – By Jacqueline O Yeboah

She is oblivious to the outside world. She focuses on her goals,
loves from deep within. She is strong yet delicate, confident yet
reserved. She is a warrior and doesn’t take no for an answer.

In her imperfections there is beauty. She is content in just being exactly who she was created to be. By loving all and every part of how God created her to be.

Do not be deceived she has been on a journey. A journey of truth.
Where she explored depths of pain and encountered obstacles
that left her broken. Where she experienced heart break that one
thought she would never recover from. Being told that she would
never recover from sickness. Rejected from education, struggling under the holds of poverty, battling depression and low self esteem.

In that time, she had to decide what voice she was going to follow.
Who was she going to be?
Was this struggle going to be continuous?
Or could this rose grow from the concrete?

It was God.

I am She.
I survived because of God
Once I let go of my own control. The friends I so badly wanted to hold on to, even though they served me no purpose but sucked the remanence of my soul away. Bad boyfriends who wiped
their shoes on my heart every time they left.

Once I decided to let God
take his rightful place in my life. Things began to get better.

It has not been easy to become the woman I have always wanted to
be. But SHE is worth the struggle. God he has moulded me.

I regret no experience because every single BATTLE, every single FIGHT has lead me to the most amazing relationship with God. I am SHE because HE is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I give glory to God above all because my journey has not been EASY.
But it has been worth every single step. Just to know that the WORD of a man can never stand because God’s word is SOVERIGN.
It is the beginning and the end.

The words of the past have no root because SHE is not defined by past boyfriends, old friends, pain or sickness.
She is a masterpiece, made with detail and precision,
Fearfully and wonderfully made.
She stands tall.
She stands confident because she walks with God.
She walks in her own lane and celebrates the lane of other kings and queens.
She desires and sees the best in others.
She walks in positivity disregarding everything that is not in line with that vision.

She feels the fear and does it anyway.
She is a light.
She understands her lineage and celebrates everyone before her.
Because she knows that without them there would be no her.

I used the words that were thrown at me and created a rock to stand
Through God I found my place in the world.
I know who I am.

I walked through the FIRE and bear my scars and wounds for all to see. For all to see, for all to
heal, and fo r all to learn from.

I love who I am and with everything that I am and all that I am going to be.

I carry all that I am forward to you.
Love yourself, accept nothingless than what you deserve. Always aim to be the best version of yourself. Stay close to God. He never fails, his love is infinite. He desires to know you, help you and use you to be a blessing in the lives of others.
I worked hard to become exactly who I wanted to be, with God you can do the same too. I love who I am.

I am SHE.

Who do you want to be?

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