Tell A Girl #TAG

The Feature Future series was an amazing segment to officially launch Forgotten Magic. Every woman featured on the series gave us a glimpse into their lives and how they made it to where they are. They each had a lesson to teach, a story to share & so much more.

{Read the incredible stories of the women in our Feature Future series.}

To conclude each segment we are introducing Tell A Girl #TAG.
TAG is the last piece of advice or encouragement extracted from the pervious series. In keeping with our aim to construct a blog for women, by some & about women TAG will be the seeds we plant. And will serve as the conclusion which we leave with our readers.

• Feature Future x Kay“Your mind is a fortress of powerful things.”
“Collaboration is by far better than competition.”
“Your superpower is nobody is you.”
• Feature Future x Hannah “It’s okay not to be okay. The things I will experience will only make a better and more beautiful version of me. Learn to speak things into existence. If you want it, speak it and work for it.”
• Feature Future x Nana“This is my vision and I have to be the one to work towards it.”
• Feature Future x Kwena“Do not be ashamed of where you come from or who you are because knowing that will get you far.”
• Feature Future x Fatou“Never let your sense of self stop you.”

Don’t forget this magic!

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