Behind Forgotten Magic.

Lia E was born Sat the 12th of April 1997, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Central Africa). 

I’ve moved 16 times in my life (and counting). This is my greatest treasure & difficulty.

Most relocations were due to my father’s job as a missionary & others were finance reasons.
But throughout the chaos I learnt the difference & similarities between people. The importance of communication & learning. 

I’ve lived & travelled to a number of countries. Whether it was drinking zobo in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria; learning the different zulu & afrikaans pronunciations in South Africa or trying to understand American Football in the USA. Each one was an experience.

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At the age of 7, I said to my father “when I grow up, I want to serve food.” The room filled with laughter. In 4th grade we were told to write a paragraph about our birthday/birthday party. I wrote passionately and enjoyed every bit of the 30 mins it took me to write.

 “I wore a pink shirt and a blue T geans and a pink ears and nice shoes. I was nice…” 

Words did not flow in my favour at the time. But it was the beginning of a love story. Starring myself & words.

Communication & Interactions slowly became intriguing with every relocation. Especially between people who are supposedly too different to learn from each other.  Those circumstances groomed relationships & taught lessons.

The beauty of life is found in interactions.

I’ve learnt to use my constant relocation as an opportunity to broaden my horizon & knowlege of people, cultures & values.

Knowledge and growth are characters that will constantly continue to develop.

Although my passport had never been used for pleasure, but as part of my reality and circumstance.
This became a journey through my eyes, the eyes of those I write for, speak to and know.

Forgotten Magic will share words and stories of different women. These words could be encouragement for one, a lesson for some and knowledge for others. Their stories could be someone’s past, present-reality or future circumstance. We aught to learn from one another.

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