Africa Day

Let us celebrate a continent that shapes the world. One full of riches, dipped in culture and clothed in tradition- A melting pot.
The bright lights, & influence of the world does not take away from the earth & importance of home.
The proverbs that stuck with us, the aunties that looked out but spied on us.

Our grandparents that raised us, or raised up enough to send us across the ocean.
We are not better than them because of certain mispronounced English words. The mother tongue on their lips raised the character in us.

The importance of unity, lessons learned and home cooked meals will never leave our souls.
Being African isn’t only wearing a headwrap or prints.
It is in you, forms you and builds you up.

Let us celebrate this moment.
Not a recognition in the world but an understanding of who we are.
Represent Africa,
Uplift Africa.

“By crawling a child learns to stand.” – African Proverb.

Photo credit: Google.

Written by Cecilia-K W’emedi

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