A nursing heart & strong back.
Her eyes see hope in the ashes.

Here’s to keeping my dreams alive while yours faded away. And being my doctor when there was no money to get one.

Here’s to cooking up an empty Fridge,
Or coming home with hot meals but debts to your name.

Here’s to being my teacher.
Not only helped me with my homework, yet guided me in my life’s work.
I never corrected your speeches since you’re the reason mine are so eloquent.
Here’s to the sweets, peanuts, & pens you sold for 5 years.
Cheers to the people who bought them.

I honestly don’t know how you did it ma.

You always spoke about your bones yet never took a day off to rest them.
You encouraged me, showed me who’s boss but never dropped a smile.

Your heart and the love which you give selflessly is the greatest gift you’ve taught me.

Here’s to mothers.

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