What does it mean?


I am still female,
And i’m still black.

Two things that make me a threat & and invisible all at the same time.
But how do I say that society’s ludacris misogyny & subjugation cripples the hope of a young girl ? I just did.

In the spirit of women’s month I asked a number of friends what it means to be a young black women. These responses won my heart. Words spoken from each women based on their perspective & hopes for the future.


“To be a black woman for me means power, it means we are made out of gold, it means we carry the weight of the world, birth nations, raise them and still look great against all odds.” -R

“Breaking stereotypes while upholding culture. I don’t want people to see the color of my skin, my gender and expect me to act a certain way. I want to change stereotypes but I don’t want to lose my culture as a black women. The culture of nurturing, strength, and perseverance against all odds.” Lu

 “Being a young black woman means endurance, perseverance, the breaking of a stereotype,.. and a whole lotta sunshine baby” -Li

 “To me it means power, success, and independence. Its all about focusing on what you want to achieve and its all about creating stable relationships amongst people you encounter along the journey.” -M

“Its means i’m a woman who is beautiful, powerful, strong, a conquerer, who fears no limit and can do anything if I put my mind to it” -W

“I am a young black proud woman ..I am a beautiful piece of art  that God mastered. I believe that I’m capable of doing anything cause of he who lives in me .” -A

“I feel like it means you have to work three times as hard to overcome prejudices of race, gender and age. Though I think it can be a good thing because it makes better stronger women” -S

 “To dig deep for the gold the world buried” – Ly

 “Being a young black woman means working twice as hard to prove yourself in the workplace, not only are looked down upon because of your gender, but also because of your race.” -Zen

“Being a black girl is fluid, you can be anything you want to be.” Chi “A lot of indepence & freedom & still a slightly oppressing environment. But it makes you strong because you can prove so many people wrong & perserver in whatever comes your way.” – A

“Being young black woman means being bold and beautiful. Continously empowering myself and being confident with myself. Not with myself but in my own skin.” – Ane

“The fact that I am able to express my views and my opinion without feeling like anybody is going to infringe on it. I have the ability to influence other young black women. I simply have a voice because I am a humanbeing just like any other person.” – Val

I know its not impossible.
Dear society I’ll shout it from the rooftops until you join my song.

Don’t forget this magic…

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