Forgotten Magic is enlightening and encouraging women through storytelling, experiences and events. We are a community that seeks to create platforms for women to grow and glow. We are celebrating and sharing experiences through women empowerment for unity amongst women. #WomenInConversation #HeartTalk

Through our website we create and publish segments targeted at women from different demographics with insight to personal, or social issues. Our events build and unite women in an educational or recreational manner. And we are always on a mission to donate our time and resources to helping women and/or children from across the globe.

Forgotten Magic seeks to promote messages of encouragement, growth & support. We aim to build a global community of ardent women who are represented, progressive humanitarians & intrepid in changing the unjust standards of society.

SHE showed me by example that women, regardless of how difficult life may get, can do it all.”

Let us not forget that we are smart. Let us not forget that we are beautiful. Let us not forget that we carry and take care of the world. Let us not forget our strength. All this magic is often forgotten in the chaos of life. Let us not forget…
Words from the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Forgotten Magic: Cecilia-Karen W’emedi

“Forgotten Magic is a note to self. Drawing inspiration (not imitation) from women around the world. But most importantly ‘having an effect’ on myself first. Forgotten Magic is an inward to outward motion. Forgotten Magic is about who you are deep down and how you can choose to navigate this world. I too am still learning. I am in the process. We’re trying to make this process convenient to the masses because no two women are the same.
Forgotten Magic is about making sure that the women who read this blog can take away something or at the very least be self-aware. And carry this lesson over to the women around them.
And I am very much thankful to the amazing team of women who have contributed and continue to contribute to Forgotten Magic. From Jacqueline, our content creator based in London to the newly appointed Fashion and content contributor- Gentille. Forgotten Magic is made up of a team of hardworking women.
Grow and Glow with us!”